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Individual psychotherapy at therapyspace is an avenue for persons seeking change within themselves. For us humans, it can be difficult to ask for help- especially in the fast-paced world where we are increasingly pressured to be hyper-independent.


At therapyspace, individual therapy will welcome you to gently look within yourself, identify things that may be holding you back, and work towards your unique personal goals, together with the therapist of your choice.


Relationships can be hard, we know; but they don't always have to feel that way. No matter what stage of relationship we may be in, conflicts and problems can happen due to various reasons. Sometimes, though we do completely fine as individuals, when we become part of a couple dynamic, things can change. Some of us find the couple relationship difficult to navigate.


At therapyspace, couples are encouraged to find a haven to safely speak out about their concerns, and find ways to move forward with the help of a qualified therapist.


So, relationship difficulties are not exclusive to couples, did you know? How many of us have had a row with our parents because they don't understand our needs? How many of us have had strained relationships with our siblings? Many of us face challenges with our family members or our close relatives for various reasons- but, we don't have to wait too long to work on repairing and improving our relationship with our primary support systems.


therapyspace offers families that helpful and non-judgmental zone allowing safe and guided communication, to discuss conflicts, different perspectives, and effective problem solving skills.


As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of stable mental health, many of us are also learning the long-lasting effect of traumatic events or exposure to trauma on our lives. Often as we look back, we recognize different forms of trauma that we may have experienced (although not all adversities can or should be labeled trauma).

If you feel like you have experienced trauma, and would like to explore more about how these life-changing events have made an impact on you, speak to us here. At therapyspace, our therapists are trauma-informed, and will support you generously and kindly as you navigate their experiences in an emotionally safe space.


Persons with mental health issues like Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Substance Use Disorders etc., often have better prognosis, improved functionality, increased insight into their illness, better illness management skills, and an overall improved quality of life, when their treatment is supplemented with therapy.


We understand the impact a mental health issue can make in a person's everyday life, their work, their relationships and much more. At therapyspace, our clinically experienced therapists who are also Psychiatric Social Workers, take a holistic approach to helping persons with mental health issues recover better.


Navigating the complicated process of parenting is a task that not everyone is prepared for. In fact, it is said that parents are born the same day that a baby is! (Of course, that just means that the couple turn into parents overnight, which is technically true.) Parenting children of any age can be a daunting task. Children and adolescents often present with behavioural and emotional issues, which usually result from poor parenting skills (though not always).


At therapyspace, our non-judgmental therapists will help parents explore various facets of parenting, help them identify issues, and assist parents as they gently start to learn effective parenting skills.


Oof, where do we even start with this topic? Stress is everywhere we look- work, relationships, families, friends, even social media. In the speedy rat race, we often forget to take care of ourselves and we eventually burn out. Stress is a part of normal life, but we tend to overlook the fact that stress management also needs to be a part of normal life.

At therapyspace, our therapists will guide you gently into the slow paced world of stress management and caring for self effectively. Burn out no more!

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