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Stress and chronic pain?

Have you been experiencing pain that has been there for too long?

Do you have pain that just does not go away even after multiple visits to hospitals, clinics, and doctors?

Is the pain only temporarily relieved with medications?


It may mean that the pain has a psychological origin.

Interestingly, unresolved physical health issues can cause chronic pain that may lead to stress and overall dysfunction, and unresolved stress can lead to the development of physical health issues and chronic pain.

No matter what the root of the pain is, moving the body intentionally and consciously with gentle guidance from mental health-informed physical therapy experts can be extremely helpful in pain management.

Dr. Shailendra Kumar Saxena (PT) is a senior physical therapy consultant with almost two decades of experience in pain management, based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Armed with a Masters in Physiotherapy with a specialization in Neurological and Psychosomatic Disorders, Dr. Saxena considers good mental health to be a protective factor in pain management. He holds special interest in chronic pain disorders, back pain, and arthritis. Through his education and clinical experience, Dr. Saxena has a good understanding of rehabilitation in diagnoses of Stroke, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, and Cerebral Palsy. He provides both offline (Koramangala, Bangalore) and online consultations.

To book a consultation either in-person or online, visit the website:

Visit the page on Instagram: @thephysicalhealthconsultants


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