Well without cause

A state of contentment ought to come without center or cause. Work, family, friends, health and intimacy can be a source of fulfillment although often, they are a cause for unrest. How we perceive gain or loss likely results from what we construe as infallible. We err in assuming that a state of completion, of needlessness is bestowed from without. For many of us, the feeling of insecurity is disconcerting and something to be done away with. Seeking solace in acquiring value in some form or fashion is seen as a solution. This nagging sense of deprivation is in many ways the norm and could stem from our knowledge of our own fragility and inevitable dissolution. Strangely, dissolution is in itself, a perfect solution! Uncertainty to uncertainty, permanence and absolute potential. Dissolution could very well be the unfolding of a primal state of complete convergence. Nascent, unformed and unborn, uniform and forever present!

Everything ends, in that knowledge is deliverance. In ending we are the same as a rock, a tree or a bat! Perhaps viewing this cessation as the infallible completion we so desperately seek is a way out of the mire of confusion that we entangle ourselves with. The mechanisms that give us particular form and circumstance are unknown but each living moment is in equilibrium with cessation. In our apprehension of the apparent permanence of the structures we behold lies friction and fear. We are often mistaken in viewing nature as abundance, it is a process of cessation through and through. Every aspect of our life is built on a conditioned edifice with dissolution being its singular fate, no matter what we try or do. When we clearly see this, deficiencies cease to have much impact and there is joy born causelessly.

This joy is unconditioned and relies on very little. A feeling of fullness results despite inadequacy and any reasons we might have for concern. This is because we take recourse in the principle of cessation as the cause for any substance. Unfailingly and repeatedly, the slate is wiped clean before any other cause can come about and any predicate condition eventually stops manifesting. Ceasing is ever present and literally the ground for form or expression! There is uncertainty in such a notion but that is welcomed as this uncertainty itself is subsumed by our practice of relying on ultimate cause. Such a shift in focus from what is tangible to the intangible ought to be applied essentially to the self. In doing so, we do not deny the pressure of momentary needs although we see that these will end. Anxiety about the future ends and the hurts of the past lose potency. Dissolution itself is ultimately causeless but of the order of universality. Applied to the self, it makes us aware of the uniformity that eludes us when we get misled by appearances and tempers us to identify and appropriate a proximate cause of existence into our moment to moment lives.

There might be some ground in claiming that our lives should gear not towards construction but in the direction of cessation. Every part of our body and psyche has a movement of its own and each such motion has as its ground state, dissolution, not perhaps as a reverbration but as a sounding and we are unlikely to chance upon any other centre that is more aligned to the source of what is. Viewing cessation as a source rather than some loss could make an immense difference in how we conduct our lives. When we live each moment with a view on our own ending, we could very well have the means to be truly well without cause!


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