To Chase a Dream

To chase a dream is usually understood to be a worthy objective. We spend our lives preparing for and acquiring the means and ends we think will give us that ever elusive feeling of completion. More than uncertainty, it is perhaps our sense of being incomplete with who we are that drives us to chase a dream. A definitive goal, a long term objective, a vision, all these connect us with a version of our inadequate self with a grander permanence that lifts us beyond insignificance and ordinariness. Aspirations to widen our sphere of influence stem from the same mechanisms that propel us to seek food and shelter and gratify our senses, all in the end to mask our innate knowledge that dissolution is inevitable!

chase a dream

To chase a dream in itself is not unwholesome. Without that, we might never explore or design or build. The ‘chase’ in such instances is more a process of revelation that uncovers a wider field of contrivance rather than gift resolution. In other words, the chase is never really complete. We are never really complete. In the face of the multiplicity of objects we can design or acquire, there is no end to the seeking.

Knowledge, art and even the search for liberation become conceptual notions that we adhere to in order to insulate ourselves from the certainty of impermanence and eventual decay. Hope becomes an oar that keeps us from sinking and purpose guides us away from oblivion into independance and permanence! The option to stop running often appears but is considered a sign of weakness, a slide into nihilism. The human mind is potential and potential augers synthesis and balance likely lies in turning this energy inwards rather than outwards. On turning inwards, we suddenly see that there is nothing to chase!

Turning inwards we look away from the noise and glimpse stillness. Becoming a still witness is an act of refuge, of refuting endless seeking to starting a movement towards freedom. Freedom from the urge to ‘become’ and the reliance on what is external. In this movement lies the end of the chase and the possibility to let creation, equilibrium and annihilation unfold, equally and timelessly. Becoming a stream of awareness, nothing is left out and the knowing that we are complete settles of its own accord. To chase a dream is no doubt a worthy goal but seeking the cessation of the need to become is worthier still!



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