Psychiatric Medication

Most psychiatric diagnoses are just labels. They often ignore the fact that you are a complete being. However, we offer Psychotherapist in South Delhi help for the most common ailments like:

  • Stress and tension
  • Treatment for Depression
  • Schizophrenia¬†Treatment
  • Bipolar Disorder Treatment
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • And more…


If you do not want medications, and would like a start a dialogue about how you can get and feel and stay better, we also undertake psychotherapeutic work with you. We offer acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused therapy and hypnotherapy to get you mobilized and productive!

Buddhist Oriented Approaches to Mental Wellbeing

The Buddha, or the awakened one, gave a clear way out of suffering. We offer evidence based Buddhist philosophical and psychological modalities like meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction and contemplative therapy to guide you into peace and calm.

Why Us?

We are the only mental health service in this region where your helpers themselves have experienced mental health debacles and fully understand what it is like to go through mental anguish and pain.

Tailor made and personalized!

Our service is based on compassion. Compassion for ourselves as fallible human beings and loving-kindness towards you as a fellow human. Our services are always designed keeping your well-being and requirements at the forefront.

Next Steps…

If you feel, you need mental health care, contact us as soon as is possible. It is wisest to not suffer unnecessarily. Our commitment to you is non binding and you choose whether to continue or stop seeing us….

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