Psychotherapist in Delhi

Psychotherapist in delhi – this term usually connotes a person who charges huge amounts to just talk. You’d be surprised how many psychotherapists work in Delhi. However, quality comes not just from talking but from uncovering obstacles to effective communication, accessing what you value and literally embedding in you, the skills, means and knowledge to fashion real changes in your life.

Can this be done even if you are suffering from a severe mental illness? YES!

psychotherapist in delhi

Evidence has shown that the brain changes with deep, empathetic listening and searchingly conducted dialogue to reach the inner recesses of your psyche. The key to change lies in:

  • Creating the mental atmosphere to be receptive
  • Channeling energy to engender contemplation and introspection
  • Creating resilience to let go of distractions in the change process
  • Finding values
  • Acting in service of what is deeply important to you

Dr Ghosh is a noted psychotherapist in Delhi and a popular psychiatrist in South Delhi who helps you to realize all the steps above to bring about meaningful change in your life, no matter what the circumstances.

What you can get with Dr Ghosh

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Solution Focussed Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Buddhist Psychotherapy
  • Problem Solving Therapy
  • Contemplative Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Dr Ghosh is the only psychotherapist in Delhi who uses his deep understanding of buddhist philosophy and epistemology to gently guide you into a contemplative state where you can effectively recognise, process and alter whatever is keeping you from realizing a full, happy life.

Psychotherapy can be a long process and within this process there are times when you will feel uncomfortable. This is because you will need to honestly look at what is causing you distress. In order to change into a more satisfied person, you will need to honestly be raw. Let yourself be uncertain. One of the keys to effective change is to be willing to accept that things don’t always go right.

Another facet of real change is to let go. When you are willing to give up trying to control yourself and your environment, you will find that things get easier. This often means letting go of strongly held views and opinions too. We are always ready to blame others but often, if we even slightly change the intensity of our beliefs and viewpoints, we discover that things are not really as bad as they appear to be. In addition this leads to a greater sense of compassion towards yourself and others which really is the cornerstone of any healing process.

Honestly speaking, the point of taking psychotherapy sessions is to quickly and irreversibly learn the skills to become your own psychotherapist, so that you do not need the help of someone else to guide you to smoothly navigate your troubles.

Here is a brief overview of any effective change process:

  • Recognize
  • Accept
  • Become flexible
  • Identify your values
  • Act on those values

It is that simple!


psychotherapist in south delhi

At times, we all believe that our troubles are insurmountable. They rarely are! Take the example of Victor Frankl, who was a jewish holocaust survivor. He found meaning and compassion in the midst of the war and despite being held captive in a Nazi concentration camp. He founded a form of psychotherapy known as Logotherapy or meaning centred therapy. He believed that our incapacity to lead fulfilled lives stems from a lack of access to what is truly meaningful to us.

Dr Ghosh is a psychotherapist in Delhi who adheres to this view. If we can find what gives our life meaning then we seek joyfully to pursue the fruition of that meaning despite the obstacles and anguish that we feel. In Buddhist parlance, there is a term called joyful perseverance, which means that we joyfully seek what gives our life meaning!

Therapyspace wishes you well an hopes that you will come meet Dr Ghosh if you are seeking a psychotherapist in Delhi!