At Therapyspace, you will find the best psychiatrist for depression in Delhi as well as cost effective and evidence based schizophrenia treatment in Delhi.

Psychiatry is a relatively new field. Not much is currently known about the underlying mechanisms of many illnesses, however, research is continuing at a rapid pace worldwide and there are a number of drugs that are empirically validated to provide lasting relief. If you are looking for a psychiatrist in South Delhi, come meet us and you may find that therapyspace is all you need to set you firmly on the road to recovery.

Schizophrenia treatment in delhi

Psychiatry is a movement, as is Therapyspace. We do not subscribe to the view that there is something unalterably wrong with you. All of us, we have seen have the capability to lead fulfilling lives despite illness and along with medications, we provide you with unfailing support to make it through dark times, and find it within yourself to access the resources to get and stay well.

Even though psychiatry is a young field, it is rapidly expanding. This is the age of not just psychiatry but integrative psychiatry. We at Therapyspace adopt the paradigm of holistic, integrative psychiatry where the focus is you and the methods are multiple. We provide oriental therapy like acupuncture at your home and this therapy is combined with modalities like contemplative therapy and also medications. For example, schizophrenia treatment in Delhi is mostly medicine based. We combine this with other modalities like buddhist oriented approaches to increase insight and if you choose, acupuncture to help both your body and mind.

With our help, you might be able to access the richness of your mind and your being. We seek to not just administer medications but also to support you with the holistic as well as evidence based tools throughout your journey from suffering to lasting happiness.

Psychiatry and mental illness in context

Schizophrenia treatment in Delhi

Don’t be mistaken. Schizophrenia treatment in Delhi is far off the mark. From the outset, one must focus on rehabilitation. Very often those who suffer from serious forms of this disease must be coached on how to keep moving, keep utilizing the strengths that they have and adhere to medication regimens. Family members and friends needs to be coached on how to address the apparent ‘differences’ in the sufferer. While medication forms the cornerstone of any schizophrenia treatment in Delhi, it is vital to mobilize all psychophysical resources of the patient and family members to enable the patient to optimally integrate into mainstream as well as effectively handle the ramifications of the illness as well as the effects of medications.

Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenia treatment in delhi can be a successful endeavor. Despite having serious illness, many recover to a great degree and can lead independent lives. However it is very important to remember that battling schizophrenia can be a demanding and exhausting process and it is vital to put in place the necessary psychological and social measures to allow the sufferer to be buffered from stress. It is also crucial at all stages of the treatment,  to attempt to increase insight of the patient. Schizophrenia is a striking example of the immense role that the science of psychiatry can play in alleviating suffering.