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Our Approach

We tread the mental healthcare space very softly. We believe in providing a soothing, non intrusive approach to healing. We do not do anything that you are not fully in agreement with. We believe that mental healthcare is a shared responsibility and do our best to help you handle the lows as well as nudge you into peace, wisdom and clarity.

Our Story

Dr Swarajit Ghosh is the moving spirit behind therapyspace. He is a noted psychiatrist in Delhi and has trained in psychiatry and psychotherapy from UK, USA and India. He is a practicing layman Buddhist and very gently creates a space of comfort and a shift in perspective to make you feel better and stay well.

Our Principles

At therapyspace, we are always moving jointly towards acquiring the skills that confer lasting peace and well-being. We do not believe in temporary, makeshift measures but in developing long term relationships that could help in creating an ecosystem of shared growth, happiness and resilience against the vicissitudes of life.


In the healing arts, compassion is key. Compassion is defined as the desire to free others of suffering. You will never find us lacking in this core virtue.


Our attempts to help you are backed by years of service, training and experience. And we continually retreat into zones where we exclusively learn and create the circumstances to skillfully implement.


We are very clear about our values and we seek to help you acquire the skills to connect with your deepest desires and values so that you can move in a valued direction despite the pain and strife.

Next Steps…

If you feel you need kind and skillful guidance to negotiate any mental health debacles you are facing, do contact us.

Psychiatrist in Delhi

Psychotherapy done effectively and learnt from can set you free. If you think finding a good psychiatrist in Delhi is hard, you’d be right. At Therapyspace, we earnestly want to help. We are most proficient with a form of therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Buddhist approaches. Our goal is to help you see that ‘you’ are all you need to skillfully navigate the difficulties in your life and find it within you to be happy, fulfilled and at peace. This involves our spending time together and discussing how you can acquire the ability to kindly and gently overcome hurdles and open yourself to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. We are the only space where you can find Buddhist Counseling in South Delhi. In many ways Buddhism informs almost all our approaches. We teach you the techniques to be kinder with yourself and others and not be affected by either hope or fear!

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