Not a special state

We are ordinary beings and yet we try with all our might to create and cultivate states that decree singularness. Be it any realm, business, science, art or governance, we always seek a special state, one that draws our energies into self absorption and our handiwork into greatness. With the perpetuation of our entanglement with each other and our environment, the chance for the fructification of our goals and views comes nearer and we lose ourselves in a frenzy of gratification, accomplishment and absorption. It is likely that spiritual needs become forceful, once our basic needs are met and the desire for actualization gains stronger ground.  However, nothing is spared this cultivation, not even the path of self realization. What begins as a simple turning inwards, in time, progresses to grandiose views about self and god and unity. Nothing ever seems to escape our desire for uniqueness!

True realization is perhaps a state of absence, a process of disappearing, becoming background and not a signal of any fashion. It is there while immersed in noise or absorbed in stillness. It could be that the coherence of all that is ordinary and mundane is the true background state and the supramundane is mere fabrication. Not surprisingly, the path to realization is one of deconstruction and simplification. In sitting with oneself and looking within, there are no signposts, no guidelines, except perhaps one, that of not grasping at any phenomenon whatsoever. Images, ideas, memories and projections have a tendency to get embedded in our mindstreams and invariably, we begin to see what we want to see rather than what just is! Blankness is a fabrication too, another mental state, to be let go of like everything else.

It could be possible that there are actually no revelations, just a ceaseless flow from one mental experience to another and in time, the creation of a space that includes all. Perturbations and signals blending into one single all encompassing whole. With perturbation, the observer arises and then becomes the observed and then both cease and a still background state becomes available. Grasping, during any of these phases should be avoided lest we become entrenched in the panorama that is visible and emerge with subtle hints of conditioning that might accumulate over time and become a crystallized “view”.

Such is likely the state of background ordinariness! It is the stage where the unfolding of phenomena occur and with the arising, the stage becomes the phenomena, the phenomena the stage. A vantage point doesn’t really exist. It is an appearance that forms and then dissociates and forms again. So, no one really looks! Where we are in this process could be determined by perception. The closer we get to disappearing and blending with background, the less we perceive and there is perhaps less pain. And then again, signals emerge and a vantage point becomes inhabited like ice forming on flowing water. What coalesces from background is matter and form, awareness and space for the lack of other descriptors. How we are placed on this crystallized continuum of manifestation cannot be predicted because in the movement towards unravelling, we gradually lose the determinative mechanisms that define that which coalesces.

In many ways, this matrix of possibilities is all there is, not a special state!

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