Mirror of observance

In our daily lives, a multitude of mental events transpire. Each with its flavour, color and tone. Thoughts and feelings come and go. We succeed in negotiating some and grapple with others. Traversing our mental landscape in a meaningful manner does to a large extent depend on our understanding of what reality might be, whether this is a conceptually derived belief or an experientially held realization. Whether we place ourselves as objects with defined characteristics or as a nexus of awareness likely determines our subservience to an ever fluctuating canopy of thoughts and feelings. A blurring of the distinction between our mental and physical structure and a causeless, all pervasive field of awareness, even if such a notion is conceptual, could serve to herald the onset of an enhanced capacity to weather tumultuous and destructive states. This is because in viewing ourselves as unobstructed awareness, we are likely less likely to reify what is illusory and of the essence of incessant flux.

mirror of observance

Delimitation is a property that is construed. We constantly perceive definition and see ourselves as one amongst many ‘objects’ with structure. When in the midst of emotions and states that generate an incongruence between how we are and how we want to be, our perception of this objective separation becomes stronger. We identify and reify ‘our’ feelings, our thoughts, needs and wants. In addition, our senses literally convince us that we are one, single, autonomous entity, with us in here and every other object out there. However, with observation of just awareness or mere awareness, this perception of distinct objects becomes hazy and recognizing unobstructed awareness and not ‘my’ awareness becomes feasible. We are aware but this awareness might not necessarily have a nidus, in us or in other sentient beings. Perhaps we manifest transiently as a realization and expression of awareness!

The benefits of adhering to this notion of “reality” are many. For one, observation becomes an emphasis, and structures lose their solidity. In observing ourselves and any other phenomena, we seem to be like reflections on a mirror of awareness. Attention shifts from the ramifications and consequences of ownership to the observation of a succession of evanescent qualities that engender little if any traits of agency. These qualities do engage our attention but within the perpetual noting of waves of awareness that are apprehended as the canvas on which brushstrokes of qualities contrast and subsequently meld. With this flavor, we also note difficult, painful and even traumatic mental events as just other mutable attributes that don’t necessarily belong to us and appear as reflections on this mirror and to us as a ‘train of knowings’. Pain is observed, pleasure is observed, but as objectless elements within a dynamic field. In this manner, any circumstance loses its urgency and there is less of an impact of difficult private experiences. There is the growth of an affinity for the calm and joy that accrues with the contact with this nameless but all encompassing milieu where we are just as much part as whole.

Causes are not looked into at the expense of continued observation. Everything falls under the purview of this observation. Our intentions, motivations and the reasons for our making a move from one situation to another. Every moment begins with observation and ends with it. Anger falls under its lens as does malice and greed. Sustained over time, wholesome actions are undertaken. This is because being aware of awareness generates its own momentum and disruptive mind states and actions take this streamlined flow into turbulence and growth stops and we quickly slip into the realm of me and mine which we are drawn to minimize. The entire spans of such interludes are also keenly observed and our journey of calm and uncertainty resumes haltingly but surely. This uncertainty is temporary as our seeking of answers slowly fades into relentless flow with every moment spent in absorption and the knowledge that there are invisible strands of connection uniting us with everything else and delimiting properties merely setting the stage for a renewed appreciation of our mirror of observance.

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