When you feel that your anxiety or depression or any mental source of anguish is getting out of hand, we advocate that you follow the "GOD" algorithm.......

G-Get Help

Ask for help. Please do not think that mental health troubles do not warrant help. Make certain that:

  • You find someone to talk to
  • Get qualified help if need be
  • Surround yourself with people who are helpful, kind, co-operative and help you feel better


Make your troubles an object. Make it something you can look at and measure. Often, it helps to:

  • Write in a diary
  • Examine your experience-does it have a shape, a color?
  • Ask yourself this: Where is the anguish located?


Take some space and time out to acknowledge the pain. Know that this experience is:

  • Fleeting and impermanent and that it will pass
  • Focus on something neutral, like your breath
  • Realize that thoughts, sensations and feelings have essentially no substance

Mental Health Care Demystified

Should you have diabetes, would you hesitate to seek adequate medical help? Yet, there are many who do not seek out adequate help for mental health concerns. That is really sad, because just a little bit of help and guidance can steer you to a life of greater peace, stability and efficiency.

Therapyspace is founded on compassion. We know what it is like to suffer from pain that you can barely express. We are the only service that offers contemplative psychotherapy and buddhist oriented approaches to help with mental anguish in our part of the world.

Psychiatric diagnoses, we maintain, are mere labels. Mental health care is much more than that. It is about acknowledging that we are fragile and nonetheless starting on a journey that can uncover an unbelievable capacity to tread steadfastly and surely towards lasting peace and joy.


Next Steps...

Should you need a kind, compassionate as well as qualified guide to help you through your pain, please see what we have to offer.